4 Ways to Dominate with 3rd shot Drives

Do you struggle knowing when to hit a 3rd shot drop vs drive? Some players find they are better at one or the other and then just choose to do that one exclusively because it is “their shot”. Well, that will only take you so far.

Say Hello to the 3rd Shot Drive – Pickelball 411

What is the best Third shot? Whether you’re a pickleball veteran or just picked up your first paddle you’ve probably heard that the 3rd Shot Drop is the Holy Grail of pickleball.

3rd Shot Drop vs Drive | What to hit as your 3rd shot in pickleball

You often here that you should always drop the 3rd shot. Well…that simply isn’t true. There are times when you will want to drive it and we’re seeing more and more driving of the 3rd shot in high level pickleball. Today we’re going to cover when to drive and when to drop the 3rd shot.