Master Your Third Shot Drop With The Perfect Height & Trajectory

Everyone wants to master the third shot drop but so many get the trajectory of the ball all wrong and are doomed before they even hit it. This is how it’s done right…

Master the Third Shot Drop – Pickleball 411

Everyone wants to master the third shot drop in order to play better pickleball! There are many ways to practice, but watch this video where Seymour Rifkind, President of the IPTPA, explains how he has players master this shot with progressive learning while still playing a game!

3rd Shot Drop Pickleball Lesson

Pickleball Central and Pro Pickleball Coach, Mark Price teamed up to bring you a 3-part series for beginners. In this video Mark will go over the importance of your 3rd shot drop. How to build your confidence in the shot, what is the mental game, and drills you can do to perfect this shot!