Here’s how you can DOMINATE with cross-court dinking!

Cross-court dinking is one of the most essential skills that you must get right in pickleball. If you’re scrambling all over the kitchen line and you feel like you’re falling behind all the time, you need to watch this!

Cross Court Dinking – Common Pickleball Tendencies With Tyson McGuffin

Improving your dinking IQ will drastically change your approach to the short game in pickleball, and that’s exactly what Selkirk pro Tyson McGuffin and Kyle Mckenzie focus on in this Selkirk TV instructional video 📈

Offensive Backhand Dink With Topspin So You Can Earn Pop Ups & Attack

Cross Court dinking is the bread and butter of high level Pickleball. It is a great strategy to provoke your opponents into making a mistake, popping the ball up, or catching them off balance. Here are 3 tips on how you can start hitting cross court dink with high precision and consistency.