Pickleball Footwork-The Elusive Split Step (What, Why, When)

The fastest way to play better is to improve your pickleball footwork. The split step helps you move more efficiently on the court. Yet many players are don’t know how to use a split step. In today’s pickleball video we’ll cover the What, Why and When of the split step and give you a few drills to improve your groundstrokes and movement. Better footwork leads to pickleball consistency. Want to play Better Pickleball?

Pickleball Split Step Basics – Footwork Drills

The fundamentals and basics of the Split Step, developmental footwork drills, and in game demonstration and explanation of the “Split Step” philosophy.

Moving, Footwork, and More Split Steps

This video has some tips on some basic third shot techniques. There are many other options and solutions when it comes to third shot, but this is focused on particular things that you can expand on the more experienced you get with your third shot. Please Subscribe to stay up-to-date with future videos and Share for others to view! Help bring more attention to this fun sport!