Learn to move like a Pro Pickleball Player, magic footwork step broken down, John Cincola Pickleball

In this video I describe step by step how to learn to move around the Pickleball court like a pro player. I show you what the move is, how to practice, and footage of pro players putting it to use.

How to Play Better Pickleball FAST with Smart Footwork | Pickleball Strategy & Pickleball Drills

Your feet are incredibly important in pickleball but it’s a pickleball strategy that is often overlooked. Your feet are the foundation of your game in many ways because before you swing, you first must establish your feet. If you neglect your footwork, your game could suffer, but if you use smart footwork, you have better balance, efficient movement, and a lower risk of injuries.

Become A Better Pickleball Player Using These Simple Footwork Tips From The Pros

The best Footwork Tips to upgrade your game