The Forehand Drive in 3 simple Steps! Play Better Pickleball by Turning Your Forehand Into a Weapon

In this video I take you through a simple progression to learn the fundamentals of a Topspin forehand drive.

3 Key Tips To A Crushing Forehand Drive with Top Pickleball Pro Michelle Esquivel

Want to crush forehand drives like the pros? Top Pickleball Pro shows us how she absolutely crushes her forehand drives with the these 3 simple steps…

HOW TO hit a Perfect Pickleball Forehand Drive

The forehand drive! This could be a lethal shot. It could set you up for an easier drop, it could be a put away, and I’m going to tell you when, where, and how to hit it. Let’s get started! What makes a good drive: topspin, you want to drive to sink. Look at Christina Bolton, look at that drive sink.