#1 Most VERSATILE Pickleball Grip Used By ALL Advanced Players

The continental grip is the most widely used grip in the game because of the huge variety of shots that can be hit with it both on the forehand and backhand side. Here are the shots you must master with this grip in order to develop into an advanced player…

Three Ways to Grip Your Pickleball Paddle: Continental, Western, Eastern

Learn what grip trick most all top pickleball players use when holding a pickleball paddle. This is grip technique is especially important when hitting third shots or volleys. You will want to know about this!

A Complete Guide to Pickleball Grips. What grip is best? Grip Pressure? and more..Beg to Advanced

In this video I share everything I know and all the common questions I hear about grips. Which is Best? How tight should it be? Should I switch grips and more.. Check it out. If you like the video please like and subscribe for more content like this.