HOW TO Effectively Lob in Pickleball

Learn when and how to do the lob shot, one of the most hated shots in Pickleball! Watch today TIPS in our Instructional series. Stay tuned for more!

Coach Simone | How to Hit Offensive Lobs

Simone Jardim and Chad Edwards work with Eddie and his offensive lob shots. Here are some great tips, techniques and drills to improve your offensive lobs.

Pickleball Lob-How to Hit an Offensive Lob

Should you use a Pickleball Offensive Lob? A pickleball lob can move your opponents away from the net and lobbing in pickleball can be used to win points. There are two types of pickleball lobs, the offensive lob and the defensive lob. This video is going to focus on the offensive lob strategy and how to execute the shot.