Coach Simone | Quick Tip – Pickleball Paddle Position

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Minimizing Mistakes with Paddle Position by Simone Jardim – Pickleball Quick Tip

Get your own private lesson from US Open Pickleball Academy instructor and multi-champion Simone Jardim! While she was in the process of winning her Triple Crown matches at the US Open Pickleball Championships this year, Simone took a moment away from her busy schedule to give YOU a quick tip!

3 Things Every Pickleball Player Should Know About The Best Paddle Position For Any Situation

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the best position to hold your paddle in as you wait to make a play on the ball your opponent is about to send over. Th biggest myth is that there’s one best way. There isn’t! It all depends on what’s happening in that moment in time during the point. In this video, Jordan will break down what to look out for and based on that he’ll tell you how to hold your paddle for the best results.