Mastering The RESET in 3 Simple Steps | Briones Pickleball

If you can learn how to hit this shot, you will NOT be stuck at the same level that you are at now. Every single player knows how to speed up the ball and hit it hard, but how many players know how to slow it down – away from their opponent’s optimal strike zone? In this video, you’ll learn exactly how to use your opponent’s pace against them!

HOW TO RESET THE POINT with Michelle Esquivel: APP Pickleball Academy EP. 10

In this episode of APP Pickleball Academy, Michelle Esquivel joins Coach Dominic Catalano to break down how to rest a point. Michelle explains how, why, and when to hit this pivotal shot to get you from defense back to offense! Make sure to like and subscribe to APPTV to keep up with the latest pickleball content!

3 KEYS To A Solid RESET Volley | Briones Pickleball

In this video, we dive into the 3 key adjustments that you can make when you are hitting a block/reset volley. Being able to hit a reset volley is so important to the game, especially at higher levels. In this video, we show you how even a beginner can start to learn how to hit this shot.