Win More Points With These Speedup Tips – Common Pickleball Tendencies With Tyson McGuffin

The last thing you want to be as a pickleball player is predictable, especially when it comes to the speedup. Keeping your opponents on their toes at all times is extremely advantageous for you, and the more unpredictable you can be with your speedup, the better. Use these tips from pro player and instructors Tyson McGuffin and Kyle McKenzie to maximize your speedup ✅

How Kyle Yates Mastered the Speedup | Pickleball Philosophy

Pickleball OG Kyle Yates talks about his philosophy at the net, particularly how we approaches speedups. Listen, learn and UP YOUR GAME!


Do you want to get the most out of your speed up? In this video, Tyson McGuffin shares a handful of useful Pickleball drop drills to improve your game.