When you start playing pickleball, you’ll hear a lot about staying out of the kitchen. Good advice. And as you progress in your play, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time at the kitchen line, developing your dink game. It’s important to stay at the kitchen line and master your dink game.

But once you have, mastering the transition zone should be your next step.

What is the transition zone in pickleball?

The transition zone is the area between the baseline and the kitchen line. Essentially, the middle section of the service areas. It’s called the transition zone because it’s the area of the court where you’re trying to transition from deep on your side to the kitchen line.

Why is the transition zone important in pickleball?

Since a lot of the game takes place at the kitchen line, it’s certainly important to master your dinking. But getting there should also be something you work on. The transition zone is important because in every point, you’re trying to get up to the kitchen line and pin your opponent deeper on their side of the court. This will set you up to win more points. So if you’re a master at getting from serving to the kitchen line, you’ll be able to set yourself up for success more quickly and more often.

Check out the video below for mastering your transition zone game in pickleball.

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